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Why RO Purifier is Important

Why RO Purifier is Important

Increase Water Infectivity has made it necessary to use RO water purifier at home and offices because day by day pollution is on rise which inviting microorganisms, dirt and impacting our environment and natural resources. Also we should not ignore rising population & industries are playing a major role to pollute our earth and its resources.


If we talk about alternate choice then traditional process of boiling water is the solution, which might help in some way but not absolutely because Bacteria & Chemicals may not be completely removed even after boiling and lead to number of health problems. To get usable and clean water the process of filtration get through difference stages and remove Bacterial contents, Chlorine, Pesticides and other chemicals, hence become important and critical component for water purification.


How to choose RO Water purifier

There are varieties of products available in the market and we have many reasons to choose water purifier like “health problems”, Social impact from the   relatives, neighbors and Market advertisement & Branding. No doubt that RO product available in the market are best in the quality, Techniques and highly effective in removing contaminants from water and making it safe for use, but one should have knowledge & understanding on specification, certification and process of routine maintenance. The tank, Container or bucket used for storing water should have visibility and easy access so that one can easily clean the same at regular interval.



Now days most of the RO Water purifier also comes with UV Lamp (Ultraviolet) that helps in fumigates microorganisms from the water by removing all the harmful pathogens present in the water. A pathogen is an infectious biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. The high power of UV rays annihilates the bacteria by attacking their inherited core, thus eliminates their ability to reproduce.


However in the process of making water usable and removing the impurities, the RO purifier removes some essential minerals as well, which are necessary for the human body. Thus some advanced RO water purifiers come with TDS controller (Total Dissolved Solids) to retain these natural minerals in the water. TDS controller will measure all the inorganic and organic substances that are dissolved in water. The common inorganic substances that are found in water are magnesium, calcium, and potassium.


TDS level of water for Drinking
TDS Level (mg/l) Rating
<=300 Excellent
>300 to 500 Good
>500 to 900 Fair
>900 to 1200 Poor
>1200 Unacceptable


But there is a disadvantage with the TDS controller of using RO water purifiers, though to some extent these minerals in water is healthy but when level becomes high, it will have reverse impact and cause a worry.  Using TDS controller there will be excessive wastage of water because waste water has high level of TDS and it might not suitable for reuse in most cases.


Use of RO Waste Water

The RO waste water can be used in various ways to avoid overall wastage of water at home, office & Industries.

  1. Car Wash
  2. Floor cleaning and Mopping
  3. Laundry
  4. Washing Utensils
  5. Watering Plants (Home or outside)
  6. Cleaning and Flushing Toilets

Above all are the different scenario where waste water can be used, but we need to ensure the TDS level as well, because high TDS level may not be suitable in all scenario, hence If the TDS level of waste water is high you can mix tap water to dilute it and lower down the TDS level.


TIPS to buy RO Purifier

The type of purifier depends on the quality of water you are getting. Hence, you need to do a thorough analysis of water quality, TDS level and different other aspects before installing a water purifier. There are many renowned brands and you can easily go for that but there many other RO provider who can from them you can get best quality product on affordable price. Few tips before you finalized the product.

  1. First you should check the Water Quality at your home or office.
  2. Deeply research about the Water Purifier brand
  3. Compare the Options available in the market.
  4. Consider the Budget
  5. Buy your product
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